Qian Wang, Ph.D.

Director of NIS&P Lab
School of Computer Science
OfficeRoom B704, School of Computer Science

Brief Bio

I am a Professor at the School of Computer Science at Wuhan University. I received my Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology (Advised by Dr. Kui Ren), M.S. in Communication and Information System in Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT) , Chinese Acadamy of Science, and a B.S. in Communication Engineering from Wuhan University.

I am currently the Director of the Wuhan University Networking Information System Security and Privacy (NIS&P) Lab, where I work with the most brilliant students and colleagues to build smart algorithms that enable networking systems to have security and privacy guarantee, as well as to discover how to make the world safer and better.

My H-index is 22, and my total citation has exceeded 8,000, according to Google Scholar (as of May 2017). More than 10 of my publications have been each cited more than 100 times, with the highest exceeding 1,900.

Research Interests

Data Storage, Search and Computation Outsourcing Security and Privacy, Wireless Systems Security, Big Data Security and Privacy, and Applied Cryptography etc.

Honors and Awards

  • Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hubei Province, 2017
  • IEEE ICDCS'17 Best Student Paper Award, 2017
  • IEEE Asia-Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award, 2016
  • IEEE TrustCom'16 Best Paper Award, 2016
  • Top 100 Distinguished TPC Members of IEEE INFOCOM'16, 2016
  • Outstanding Contributions in Education Award, Wuhan University, 2016
  • Distinguished Professor of Hubei Province, China, 2015
  • Outstanding Innovative Talents Award of Wuhan University, 2015
  • Outstanding Individual of Student Education, Wuhan University, 2014
  • Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program, 2014
  • WAIM'14 Best Paper Award, 2014
  • Leading Talents of Longcheng Excellence Program, Changzhou, China, 2013
  • National "1000 Young Talents Program" of China, 2013
  • IEEE ICNP'11 Best Paper Award, 2011
  • Professional Actitivies

  • Director Assistant of The State Key Lab of Software Engineering.
  • Associated Dean of Cyber Space Security Research Institute at Wuhan University.
  • ACM Member, IEEE Member.
  • Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (T-DSC) (since 2017).
  • Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (T-IFS) (since 2016).
  • Area Editor for KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (since 2017).
  • Associate Editor for Frontiers of Computer Science (since 2012).
  • Publicity Chair for CANS'17
  • Publicity Chair for IEEE IPCCC'15
  • Program Vice Chair and Track Co-Chair of "Security and Trustworthy Computing" for ICPADS'16
  • Technical Program Committee Member for IEEE INFOCOM'14'16'17, IEEE ICDCS'16, ACM AsiaCCS'16, SecureComm'16, IEEE ICCCN'15'16, IEEE ICPADS'15, IEEE ICPP'15, IEEE HPCC'14, IEEE ICCC'14, IEEE TrustCom'15'16, IEEE Globecom'12'13'14'15, MILCOM'12'13'14'15, WASA'13'14 and IEEE WCNC'13'14 etc.
  • Reviewer for ACM Computing Surveys, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, IEEE Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communications, IEEE Network, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics etc.
  • Zhibo Wang, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    Co-Director of NIS&P Lab
    School of Computer Science
    OfficeRoom B704, School of Computer Science
    Qin Zou, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
    Co-Director of NIS&P Lab
    School of Computer Science
    OfficeRoom B704, School of Computer Science
    Shengshan Hu (Ph.D. student)
    Secure Outsourcing
    Minxin Du (Master student)
    Information Security
    Applied Cryptography
    Lihao Ni (Master student)
    Infomation Security
    Wireless Communication
    Tao Lei (Master student)
    Network Security
    Wireless Communication Security
    Man Zhou (Master student)
    Mobile Computing
    Wireless Network Security
    Zheng Zhang (Master student)
    Mobile Computing
    Wireless Network Security
    Jiahui Hu (Master student)
    Mobile Crowdsourcing
    Minghui Li (Master student)
    Secure Outsourcing
    Jing Huang (Master student)
    Information Security
    Video Analysis
    Lingchen Zhao (Master student)
    Applied Cryptography
    Differential Privacy
    Xin Tian (Master student)
    Information Security
    Spectrum Auction
    Yongquan Zhang (Master student)
    Recommender System
    Shuangke Wu (Master student)
    Information Security
    Xiu Lin (Master student)
    Information Security
    Siyan Zheng (Master student)
    Information Security
    Zixi Li (Master student)
    Information Security
    Differential Privacy
    Mengkai Song (Master student)
    Differential Privacy
    Data Mining
    Feng Xiao (Undergraduate)
    Wireless System
    Information Security
    Xiuying Chen (Undergraduate)
    Information Security
    Mingxue Zhang (Undergraduate)
    Information Security
    Peipei Jiang (Undergraduate)
    Information Security
    Zheng Zheng (Undergraduate)
    Information Security
    Yanling Wang (Undergraduate)
    Information Security


    Qihang Sun
    Undergraduate, 2010-2014
    University of Hong Kong, CS PhD
    Bo Feng
    Undergraduate, 2011-2015
    Stony Brook University, CS PhD
    Meiqi He
    Undergraduate, 2011-2015
    University of Hong Kong, CS PhD
    Xiao Lu
    Postgraduate, 2014-2016
    China UnionPay
    Jikun Li
    Undergraduate, 2012-2016
    Univerisity of Southern California, Master
    Xiaobing Chen
    Undergraduate, 2012-2016
    Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Guanchen Li
    Undergraduate, 2012-2016
    Peking University
    Chenbo Xia
    Undergraduate, 2012-2016
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Junchao Wang
    Undergraduate, 2012-2016
    King's College London
    Jingjun Wang
    Master, 2014-2017
    Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
    Yan Zhang
    Master, 2014-2017
    Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
    Menghong Wang
    Master, 2014-2017
    Jincheng Du
    Undergraduate, 2013-2017
    University of Southern California, Master
    Jing Wen
    Undergraduate, 2013-2017
    University of Hong Kong, CS PhD
    Ran Tan
    Undergraduate, 2013-2017
    University of British Columbia
    Jing Zhao
    Undergraduate, 2013-2017
    Peking University